Private Lesson + Barn Rat Program

Personalized Training For Each Horse/Rider Team

We strive to produce a stress free environment for our riders, as well as our horses. Every rider learns differently, which is why our lesson plans are personalized to each rider so they are able to understand and apply what they are learning!


  • 1/2 hour lesson - $35

  • 1/2 hour group lesson -$25

  • 1 hour lesson - $70

  • 1 hour group lesson - $60

Our Barn Rat Program is for those kids that can't get enough of horses. From 9-12 on Saturdays, we open up our barn for 4 kids who want to learn above and beyond what they get in their lessons. It is $70/Saturday, or $300 for the month (Rain Days are refunded).

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Lesson pony, Farnley Rosin (Pan)